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Anthrax – Welcome/One Last Drop MCD

More than twenty years since their last recordings, Anthrax’s newest recordings are offered in the form of a mini CD named after the two songs featured, “Welcome” and “One Last Drop”. I have felt that Anthrax were one of the best anarcho bands who were offered up by the 80’s but I also think of them as one of the least appreciated bands of that era. In this recording they seem to have changed their sound to one of a slower pace and I keep feeling the raw aggression and passion you hear from their older recordings in songs like “Exploitation” and “Capitalism is Cannibalism” isn’t there. Overall it sounds like a different band and in “One Last Drop” nearly more of an ‘Oi!’ sound is creeping in with “Woooaahhs” being introduced, but this does not take away what the songs is about – it is of strong lyrical content with the song I feel about a lack of protest today and government getting away with murder.

The other song “Welcome” also gives a similar sound except even slower, but once again lyrically strong. I prefer the older sound than these songs, which sound like a totally different band has written them which is understandable after the 20 years, it is a long time. Lyrically you cannot knock this band, they outshine most bands today, and the artwork continues on the same lines as of their discography LP – One Last Drop.

Overall it is not a bad release, I found myself enjoying the songs more and more with every listen but just dont expect to listen to the same Anthrax as of before.

AD’s opinion: Three

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