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Hot Off The Presses

Just a quickie...Punk Torrents will be open for registration from sometime around teatime today until Sunday eve. It's free, it's friendly and it's full of moist musical morsels.

And thanks to Burke for this email:

I just wanted to say thanks for posting this Culture Shock LP. I havent heard this in probably 12 years but has [...]

Free Noise #17

Artist: Hellbastard
Title: Ripper Crust
Source: Coloured vinyl 12" LP (mauve)
Bitrate: V0 VBR
Running time (h:m:s): 00:40:16
Size (mb): 70.6
Label: Grind / Crust
Year: 1993
Notes: Mastered from original 4-track (!) studio tape

1. Intro...
2. Nazis Killed
3. Massacre
4. Deciever (sic)
5. Insanity
6. Death From Above
7. Life For Who?
8. Kill Or Be Killed
9. Outside Claustrophobia
10. Skag K.D.P.
11. And Now...(pt 1)

RISE OF CRUST!!! Yep, the [...]

Free Noise #16

Artist: Culture Shock
Title: Onwards And Upwards
Source: Vinyl 12" LP
Bitrate: V0 VBR
Running time (h:m:s): 00:45:38
Size (mb): 83.6
Label: Bluurg Records
Year: 1988
Notes: Some minor background noise in places

1. Pressure
2. Colour T.V.
3. Fast Foward
4. You Are Not Alone
5. Joyless
6. If You Don't Like It
7. Civilization Street
8. United
9. Catching Flies
10. When the Fighting's Over
11. Open Mind Surgery
12. Don't Worry About [...]

A Bit Of Housekeeping

Over the next few days (or, more likely, months), I intend to take front and back photos of the covers of all of my albums and singles uploaded here. I'm also going to take one of the label, whichever side is more interesting. Then I'm going to edit and resize the cover pics so that [...]

Free Noise #15

Artist: Political Asylum
Title: Solitary
Source: Vinyl 7" EP
Bitrate: V0 VBR
Running time (h:m:s): 00:10:09
Size (mb): 17.4
Label: Off The Disk Records (defunct)
Year: 1990
Notes: Deleted. Limited edition of 2000.

1. Solitary
2. Flight Of Fancy
3. Apathy

This 7" by the Scottish troubadors was recorded live at the Woolmington, Sherbourne, Dorset (England), was released by a Swiss label better known for its metal [...]

Free Noise #14

Artist: Political Asylum
Title: Window On The World
Source: Vinyl 12" LP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:41:58
Size (mb): 270.4
Label: Looney Tunes / Katou / Electrode Records (last two defunct)
Year: 1989
Notes: Tracks 7-13 recorded live.

1 Solitary
2 Apathy
3 Wish She Were Here
4 Flight Of Fancy
5 Down Amongst The Olive Groves
6 Standing Over Me
7 Symptom
8 System Of War
9 The Fifteenth (And [...]

Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children?!

On a slightly-different-but-still-related tack to the post directly below, we had another international sports-and-socialising tournament over the August bank holiday earlier this year to celebrate our club's 15th birthday. Over a thousand people turned up for a weekend of ball-related madness, musical shenanigans and the freak show known as 'Shame Academy'.

My personal responsibility this time [...]

Free Noise #13

Artist: Subhumans
Title: Football Bootleg
Source: CD LP
Bitrate: V0 VBR
Running time (h:m:s): 01:12:48
Size (mb): 123.6
Label: None
Year: 2001
Notes: Split into 2 folders for upload but can be burned as .wav files on one CD if needed. Best listened / burnt to CD without gaps.

Folder 1:
1. Intro
2. All Gone Dead
3. So Much Money
4. Can't Hear The Words
5. Work Experience
6. [...]

A Friendly Request

A couple of the Blogger bloggers in my side bar don't allow comments from non-Blogger bloggers. I've grabbed a few things from their excellent uploads but I can't leave a thanks without signing up for a Blogger account. I can barely remember my own name sometimes, so there's just no chance of remembering user names [...]

Re-open For Business

Punk Torrents has opened up registration again. I don't know how long this will last for (in recent times it's been 24 hours), so you may want to register quick if you want to jump on the BitTorrent bandwagon. If you use Windows I'd suggest using uTorrent as your client (I've not bothered or needed [...]