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Well, not exactly. But I’m not dead, just in case anyone was wondering.

I’ve been pretty busy IRL, and haven’t had an ounce of spare time for what seems like aeons but is actually only a few weeks. Much of that time has included knocking up a website for some good friends of mine. And trust me, I’m no coder. Everything I know about XHTML, CSS, PHP and any other random combination of letters you may care to mention, has been learnt by endless hours of trial, error, searching and reading and searching again, cussing, breaking things and finally sussing out something that would’ve been bleedin’ obvious to anyone with a hint of competence.

But I am a perseverer. I just can’t let some things lie until I understand what’s happening. And coding a website is one of those things. It’s not enough for it to look OK, I also have to make sure that it meets the latest coding standards and is as user-friendly as possible to as many people as possible (yes, even you, IE users).

Anyway, to cut a boring story short, this is the result. I liked what I’d done so much that I’ve used the code for here too. I still need to work on a graphic for the header but, apart from that, it all seems to be tickety-boo.

Other things occupying my life have included: three parties and two barbies; being the personal chauffeur for a teenager and other assorted hazardous loads; supporting my pub cricket team through mostly thin times; visiting friends up country; fixing a locking mechanism on a double-glazed door (not as easy as it looks, let me assure you); and helping a mate create a new garden area.

But I should be able to get back to the noise again this week. You have been warned.

6 comments to Surprise!

  • kiwipunka

    good luck with building the websites…it would drive me insane but seems you have more patience than me so total respect is given from this computer retard!!

  • I hear you. Been (am) doing some serious building around my house myself, so it’s been like this for me for last two months now: come from work, eat, work more than when I’m on my job. I forgot how day off looks like and I can’t wait friday when I’ll be off to coast for some swimming, nice cold beers, two punk festivals and Iron Maiden gig during my two weeks off. No computer, no internet, just taking it easy (or drinkin’ my ass off).
    P.S. BTW hows Beardies And Baldies Against Bombs thing going? That’s cool from them and since I’m from Croatia I know how fucked up is to live where there are areas where it’s quite possible that you can get fucked up by the little fuckers.

  • kiwipunka, some people would say that it’s too late for that 😀

    Malisha, they managed to complete it and have a lot of fun along the way from what I hear! I’m not sure how much they raised, but I’ll find out and let you know 😉

    And I will get back on top of this, promise! Sunshine, cider, ska and smoking aren’t helping though…

  • Welcome back my dear friend!

  • Cheers Paul! Give my love to the Lithualiens 😀

    And update the English part of your website. I need my FC VOVA fix!

  • I made some artical in english section. It was so fast and funny and with lot of bad english. Sorry. It is not I’m drunk (Im free for one whole week!!!) I just want to tell lot of in fast way.
    Keep going!

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