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Hardcore Heaven

I’ve just added a new link in the sidebar, but I reckon the site’s worthy of a plug to get your attention.

So, for those who haven’t yet stumbled upon this treasure trove of punk delight, head on over to Kill From The Heart and immerse yourself in probably the most comprehensive repository of global 80’s hardcore knowledge.

Or, as the youth say, ‘ave a read, innit.

5 comments to Hardcore Heaven

  • Nice to see you back!
    I’ve been getting fat on your recipes for the last few months. The old hummus has become a regular. Chick pea after chick pea. The Blackthorn white wine ain’t too bad either.

  • Dear me, they finally moved the website! I was more or less certain that KFTH was dead instead of moving (the move was announced years & years ago) – glad I was wrong. Thanks for this piece of info, oldpunk…

  • It’s been there for quite a while, it’s just been ‘hidden’ – there are no links from the main front page to the directory!

    There’s a photo of yours truly buried in the depths of KFTH (top pic, left hand side, with long-forgotten hair). Apart from the hair, not much else has changed since. You can still find me flailing around in dark places to distorted guitars and Hadean vocals if you know where to look.

  • Indeed, they don’t link to it at all from the outside… Do you know if they accept contributions (in the sense that they actually process them instead of adding them to the backlog)? I started contributing some info back in the day but they soon went into radio silence so… Are you the guy w/ the spikey tee in that pic? 😛

  • That’s me, all bare flesh and rippling muscle. I’ve still got the tattoo to prove it 😀 The spikey hair belonged to my mate Rooster. That, too, remains in place more than 20 years later!

    I don’t think anyone maintains KFTH any more. I remember sending ’em a mail a couple of years ago but got no response. My fear is that one day the domain name will expire and the whole site will be lost 🙁

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