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Hitting Babylon For Six

The Babylon Whackers 'Happy Days With...' cover The Babylon WhackersHappy Days With…
Rebel Alliance Recordings

So there may not be much sign of summer going on outside the front door, but that doesn’t stop me from getting into a tropical vibe. Cold cider, smoking, and skanky skanky sounds are a powerful enough combination to defeat the reality of the weather and transport me to more pleasant mental climes. Throw in the cricket and I’m one happy bunny.

I’ve got a fine collection of noise that suits this situation perfectly, but it doesn’t hurt to throw some freshness into the mix once in a while. So when I saw that one of my fave bands (SB6) had started their own label, I knew that good things were on the horizon. Kicking it off by releasing their own latest album was a great start, but the promise of releasing stuff by other bands that they like meant that I’ve been keeping a beady eye on what they’re up to.

So when this:

In summer 2007, UK underground punk favourites THE FILAMENTS reformed to record an album expressing their love of 2-tone era ska and heavy dub reggae. Joined by dancehall sensation MAJAH TUNDER and one-luv gangsta folk pioneer BABAR LUCK, the result was an exciting clash of sounds filling the gap between the Specials and Rancid, Symarip and The Clash. That sound is the BABYLON WHACKERS. With its positive message of love, hope and unification, debut album ‘Happy Days With….’ maintains an energetic old-school sound that has had people talking all across Europe. Effortlessly blending, ska, soul, funk, reggae, dub and more – and featuring guest appearances from members of THE KING BLUES and SUICIDE BID – these heavy heavy sounds have been set for release in mid-2008.

appeared on the website with an invitation to pre-order, I didn’t hesitate. With a pedigree like that, only a fool would. And I may be daft, but I’m no fool.

Yesterday, the package arrived. And it’s exceeded even my high expectations. The classic 2-tone sound is loud and clear, and generally sits on the chirpier end of the scale (think Selecter rather than Specials). It’s infused with a punky personality that keeps it all bouncing along, lyrically and musically. The unmistakable dubby tendencies are also well represented, and the music clearly knows and shows its original ska and rocksteady roots. There’s also a freshness to the whole thing that brings it right up to date without losing these connections to the past. Perhaps most importantly, it never forgets to have fun along the way.

Basically, this record is for anyone who likes fuckin’ great music. And if you’re here, that means you.

OP’s opinion: Four half

Download sample track – ‘Rudeboy’

7 comments to Hitting Babylon For Six

  • I remember first hearing SB6 thru you – and myself and a pal were dead excited when we found out they were to play in Brum. Then we noticed it was the day *before* we listened to them. Got to see them since, and lay down some ££s for their music, so alles ist gut!

    This track makes me wish it was payday – got to hear more.


  • Sounds like you’re hooked. But remember, I take no responsibility for any addictions you may develop as a result of coming here 😀

    Good to hear that you like SB6, and I’m sure the Whackers CD won’t disappoint either.

  • It just arrived this very morning – gonna make me a cup of tea and sit down with it. Wait – TEA?? Um I mean a fresh flagon. Yes – that’s what I mean…

  • Sounds great. Will look out for them 🙂

  • Today find The King Blues at my PC. And they took me crazy 😀
    Do you know they have more albums? I have Under The Fog one.
    Couldn’t find more on PunkTorrents.

  • Under The Fog is their only album so far. It’s great, isn’t it? The new album ‘Save The World, Get The Girl’ is due out on October 20th and I’m standing by ready for action when it is. They will hopefully play again soon in Bristol – I missed their gig here last month! That doesn’t matter too much though – next month Sonic Boom Six are playing, quickly followed by The Blaggers and then I’m off to see Rancid in November (yeah, I know, but damn they make a good noise!). Who needs a gym when you’ve got punk rock?

  • Yes, Under The Fog is great! now first on my playlist. Ok, I’ll wait then for new one. I saw that soon SB6 will be in Bristol. But is too soon for me 🙂 Hope that The King Blues will also be on November and maybe I will be there too 🙂
    And actually Rancid also making great noise. So I’m going to be a good boy and maybe we’ll meet in Easton streets in November 😉

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