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Soil Not Oil!*

A British animal farmer with a wildlife-friendly farm recently realised just how dependent modern farming is on fossil fuels. She set off to look at the problem and possible solutions, and came up with some surprising information and conclusions. The BBC followed her during her research and produced an eye-opening documentary, ‘A Farm For The Future’, for their ‘Natural World’ series.

The politics of food is something that will become increasingly important over the coming years. Vegans and bonecrunchers alike should watch this, learn and act. Time really is running out.

Available to view or download on BBC iPlayer for the next 20 days.

*Many years back, some US punks put together a vegan cookbook called ‘Soy Not Oi!’, full of fuckin’ great recipes and recommended listening to cook along to. There are also amusing anecdotes, great grapics and some slightly more serious stuff about veganism. You can get the book from Active Distro or AK Press for a few quid / greenbacks, which I suggest you do as soon as you’ve found enough spare change down the back of the sofa.

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