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For the first time in many, many years, I’ve been left speechless. A few minutes ago, settling down with my first cuppa and fag of the day, I browsed to my email account for the site. There was one new message waiting. A quick click, a brief scan and my mouth dropped open. I still can’t shut it.

A ‘corporate’ group is offering to buy my web domain name. For $5000.

I can’t say who they are just yet, but it’s a familiar ‘brand’ in the mainstream ‘punk’ business. The sort of group I’d normally steer well clear of.

But it’s $5000, I don’t have a job and this place only cost me a few bucks in the first place. And, as long as I don’t use a similar-sounding replacement, I’m free to set up a new space elsewhere on the net.

It’s a no-brainer. There’s some paperwork to sort out first but, if all goes to plan, it looks like the new owners will be moving in on May 1st.

I’ll fill in a few more details later on, I’m a bit all over the shop right now, but this is some of the best and worst news I’ve ever had.

UPDATE: Things like this only work if you have any readers that are up before noon on April Fool’s Day, and who are daft enough to be taken in. I therefore declare Ernest the winner.

1 comment to Gobsmacked

  • Fucking sell-out 😉

    Seriously though, thats really excellent news. A nice little bonus for you.

    btw. I just checked whois and the following domains are available…

    Though I’m not too sure if the buyers of this domain would be too happy about any of those.

    Enjoy your money 🙂

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