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The Skints – Live. Breathe. Build. Believe. CD

Live Breathe Build Believe coverThere are some who say that youth is wasted on the young. I beg to differ, especially when said youth are producing slabs of sound as sweet as this. This cheeky bunch have got musical smarts about them that’s for sure, being well versed in the bouncy reggae legacy of Bob Marley with more than a nod to the urban Midlands flavours of both Steel Pulse and UB40 (a balancing act they pull off with effortless ease). Their 21st century attitude rattles out in some slickly delivered MC action and sharp breaks from the drums, all smoothly mashed into a ska groove that borrows from and adapts that recognisable 2-Tone rhythm. Spirit of punk is what binds the whole lot together before kickstarting the chemical reaction that follows.

There’s enough lyrical grittyness on display to make it perfectly clear The Skints are directly connected with the world they share with their peers on the streets and estates of Grey Britain, with all the hard times that can entail. But, more than anything, they’re about hope, about freedom and fun wherever and whenever the opportunity arises or can be created.

The Skints are a voice for the future that deserves to be heard, danced to, enjoyed and acted upon in equal measure.

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OP’s opinion: Four half

The SkintsDownload sample track – Murderer
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4 comments to The Skints – Live. Breathe. Build. Believe. CD

  • For the last couple (well, more than couple) of years I’ve had ska-punk abstinence and when I was in the mood it was in 99% Ex-Cathedra or Strikniën D.C., but I’ve decided to give it a go and found The Skints and Dirty Revolution albums, listened to them and have to agree that they’re both top notch. 90s and the explosion of all those really bad ska-punk bands killed my will for exploring new bands, but if someone could change things for me, it’s bands like this. If I had more than equivalent of 22 pounds in my possession I would be tempted to buy these. I’m gonna spend them on The Restarts gig tomorrow instead. Cheers.

  • Hey Ex-Cathedra were the best – hope they play again one day.

    Check out Suicide Bid, the singer from Ex-Cathedra’s new project & IT, King Blues, Filaments…

  • Jack Frost

    Best new punk – reggae that I’ve heard in years.

    This ^^^ from an old punk who’s been around a while. Thanks Skints! I look forward to the hours we’ll spend together – me listening to your music at work, on the road, at home, etc. Great creation! Thanks so much.

  • Well said fella. If you get the chance to see them live, do!

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