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Mouth Sewn Shut – 2009 CD

Mouth Sewn Shut - 2009Building on the strong foundations they’ve laid down over the past few years, MSS are back with their best to date. ‘2009’ is a mix of new tracks and reworkings of some of their older stuff, and it’s as power-packed as a nuclear plant without any of the associated health risks (unless you stick your head in the speakers with the volume turned up to 11). Will lays down some classic metallic riffing reminiscent of Vic Concrete Sox’s work on ‘Whoops! Sorry Vicar!’, Rich pounds the dead-waking drums and Nick delivers the bass lines with the impact of a charging rhino. Then suddenly the three of them will break into some lovely skanking rhythms that may throw you off balance at first, but which fit perfectly with the overall feel once you get your head round the fact that ska-flavoured crusty hardcore is a winning mix. On top of it all, Bill bellows out the smart political lyrics with more urgency than a four-minute warning. This is an album that contains huge dollops of musical complexity and intelligent ideas without disappearing up its own arse.

For vinyl nerds (including yours truly), this package has also been given a limited release in various yellow-and-black colour combinations.

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OP’s opinion: Four

Download sample track – My Enemies’ Enemy Is No Friend Of Mine
Mouth Sewn Shut’s Myspace
Buy from Rodent Popsicle Records and other fine distros

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