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Kontakta – Life In A Cage EP

Kontakta - Life In A Cage coverKontakta
Southampton, UK

Kontakta’s third release follows very much in the mould of their first two. It’s frantic traditional anarcho-punk with the obligatory angry voice shouting across the top of it. Lyrics are a bit tired and don’t really say anything new (in fact, the song about the animal testing of cosmetics is about 20 years behind the times, seeing as such tests, and the products that result from them, have been banned in the UK for years now). It all feels a little bit clichéd and unchallenging.

That’s not to say they’re not good people (they are), as testified by the number of benefit gigs they play and their individual involvement in direct action politics. But does the world really need another very average and somewhat stuck-in-a-timewarp anarcho band?

OP’s opinion Two and a half anarchies

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