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Question Time

I've got the chance to ask some questions of the original drummer of Anarcrust. I'm more than happy to ask stuff on your behalf, so if there's anything in particular that you want to know then let me know.

Scatha - Respect, Protect, Reconnect LP

Artist: Scatha
Title: Respect, Protect, Reconnect
Source: Vinyl 12" LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:30:36
Size (mb): 64.5
Label: Flat Earth Records (defunct)
Year: 1996

1. From The Heart
2. Manannan Weeps
3. Uni-Verse
4. I Am One!
5. Cry! Wolf
6. Respect, Protect, Reconnect
7. Pagan Idolatry
8. Blinded By Sight
9. Prognostication
10. Why Fur?

Following up on my promise to subject you all to some more Jockish hardcore, here [...]

Remaking A Name For Themselves

Perfectly proportioned UK punkyska label and distro Household Name Records, run by the suave and debonair Lil and Kafren, have redesigned and relaunched their website. And it's all very slick and cutting edge (unlike this clunky affair).

To celebrate their ability to remain young and trendy, they're having a sale. And there are some proper bargains [...]

Hitting Babylon For Six

The Babylon Whackers - Happy Days With...
Rebel Alliance Recordings

So there may not be much sign of summer going on outside the front door, but that doesn't stop me from getting into a tropical vibe. Cold cider, smoking, and skanky skanky sounds are a powerful enough combination to defeat the reality of the weather [...]

Hardcore Heaven

I've just added a new link in the sidebar, but I reckon the site's worthy of a plug to get your attention.

So, for those who haven't yet stumbled upon this treasure trove of punk delight, head on over to Kill From The Heart and immerse yourself in probably the most comprehensive repository of global 80's [...]

Sedition - Earthbeat LP

Artist: Sedition
Title: Earthbeat
Source: Vinyl 12" LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:39:50
Size (mb): 78.9
Label: Flat Earth Records (defunct)
Year: 1993

1. Earthbeat
2. Tribal Transition
3. Gaia
4. Deconsume
5. Lungs Of The Earth
6. Ecologic
7. Logical Isolation
8. Ride On
9. Trail Of Tears
10. Aphorism
11. Who's The Savage?
12. Sex Biased Roles
13. Key To Co-Existance [sic]
14. New Breed - Bad Seed
15. Death Chant
16. Freedom Is An [...]