Scatha – Respect, Protect, Reconnect LP

Artist: Scatha
Title: Respect, Protect, Reconnect
Source: Vinyl 12″ LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:30:36
Size (mb): 64.5
Label: Flat Earth Records (defunct)
Year: 1996

1. From The Heart
2. Manannan Weeps
3. Uni-Verse
4. I Am One!
5. Cry! Wolf
6. Respect, Protect, Reconnect
7. Pagan Idolatry
8. Blinded By Sight
9. Prognostication
10. Why Fur?

Following up on my promise to subject you all to some more Jockish hardcore, here it is. Better late than never n’ all that.

Scatha were made up from parts of Sedition and Disaffect, but managed to sound all like themselves. And themselves sound like a nailbomb detonating in your cranium, a full-on metal-sharded compression blast ripping you apart. It may be intense brain-bruising music, but it hides some surprisingly complex and delicate concepts. Like Sedition, the lyrics align themselves with the neo-pagan ideology that the band favoured and, like Sedition, they manage to lay bare the unnecessary cruelty of modern life. But they also carry some hope for us all, regardless of whether we go for the whole tribal ethic that they’re espousing or not. It’s designed to make us think about what future we want, and to act to make it happen.

It always struck me as slightly weird that a ‘deep’ green band would make and produce music that relies on very modern technologies, but I’m glad they didn’t let their ideologies get in the way of putting out this fossil-fuelled weapon of mass deconstruction.

OP’s opinion: Four half

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Remaking A Name For Themselves

Perfectly proportioned UK punkyska label and distro Household Name Records, run by the suave and debonair Lil and Kafren, have redesigned and relaunched their website. And it’s all very slick and cutting edge (unlike this clunky affair).

To celebrate their ability to remain young and trendy, they’re having a sale. And there are some proper bargains to be had, with reductions ranging from around 20-50% on virtually everything they flog!

In these times of credit crunch and economic downturn, what better way to cheer yourself up than by spending a few of your hard-earned wageslave tokens on some keenly priced noise from a proper DIY outfit?

Hitting Babylon For Six

The Babylon Whackers 'Happy Days With...' cover The Babylon WhackersHappy Days With…
Rebel Alliance Recordings

So there may not be much sign of summer going on outside the front door, but that doesn’t stop me from getting into a tropical vibe. Cold cider, smoking, and skanky skanky sounds are a powerful enough combination to defeat the reality of the weather and transport me to more pleasant mental climes. Throw in the cricket and I’m one happy bunny.

I’ve got a fine collection of noise that suits this situation perfectly, but it doesn’t hurt to throw some freshness into the mix once in a while. So when I saw that one of my fave bands (SB6) had started their own label, I knew that good things were on the horizon. Kicking it off by releasing their own latest album was a great start, but the promise of releasing stuff by other bands that they like meant that I’ve been keeping a beady eye on what they’re up to.

So when this:

In summer 2007, UK underground punk favourites THE FILAMENTS reformed to record an album expressing their love of 2-tone era ska and heavy dub reggae. Joined by dancehall sensation MAJAH TUNDER and one-luv gangsta folk pioneer BABAR LUCK, the result was an exciting clash of sounds filling the gap between the Specials and Rancid, Symarip and The Clash. That sound is the BABYLON WHACKERS. With its positive message of love, hope and unification, debut album ‘Happy Days With….’ maintains an energetic old-school sound that has had people talking all across Europe. Effortlessly blending, ska, soul, funk, reggae, dub and more – and featuring guest appearances from members of THE KING BLUES and SUICIDE BID – these heavy heavy sounds have been set for release in mid-2008.

appeared on the website with an invitation to pre-order, I didn’t hesitate. With a pedigree like that, only a fool would. And I may be daft, but I’m no fool.

Yesterday, the package arrived. And it’s exceeded even my high expectations. The classic 2-tone sound is loud and clear, and generally sits on the chirpier end of the scale (think Selecter rather than Specials). It’s infused with a punky personality that keeps it all bouncing along, lyrically and musically. The unmistakable dubby tendencies are also well represented, and the music clearly knows and shows its original ska and rocksteady roots. There’s also a freshness to the whole thing that brings it right up to date without losing these connections to the past. Perhaps most importantly, it never forgets to have fun along the way.

Basically, this record is for anyone who likes fuckin’ great music. And if you’re here, that means you.

OP’s opinion: Four half

Download sample track – ‘Rudeboy’

Hardcore Heaven

I’ve just added a new link in the sidebar, but I reckon the site’s worthy of a plug to get your attention.

So, for those who haven’t yet stumbled upon this treasure trove of punk delight, head on over to Kill From The Heart and immerse yourself in probably the most comprehensive repository of global 80’s hardcore knowledge.

Or, as the youth say, ‘ave a read, innit.

Sedition – Earthbeat LP

Artist: Sedition
Title: Earthbeat
Source: Vinyl 12″ LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:39:50
Size (mb): 78.9
Label: Flat Earth Records (defunct)
Year: 1993

1. Earthbeat
2. Tribal Transition
3. Gaia
4. Deconsume
5. Lungs Of The Earth
6. Ecologic
7. Logical Isolation
8. Ride On
9. Trail Of Tears
10. Aphorism
11. Who’s The Savage?
12. Sex Biased Roles
13. Key To Co-Existance [sic]
14. New Breed – Bad Seed
15. Death Chant
16. Freedom Is An Attitude

This is the first upload of a double bill showcasing two of Scotland’s finest noisemongers. Sedition found a niche in the punk scene for classic wall-of-sound-with-tunes hardcore spliced with a deep ecology / tribal / pagan / anarcho perspective. So in between each track you’ll hear chants and noises not normally associated with the music that precedes and follows. The overall production’s a little bit muddy but that’s not really a problem for the style.

I can’t say that I’m particularly fond of the primitivist / deep ecology mindset that’s conjured up in some of the lyrics, but there’s also a healthy dose of anger alongside that doesn’t forget the modern world and its ills. Not that you can really make out the lyrics without the booklet, so you can just wallow in the bludgeoning this download will dish out to your ears and speakers.

You’ll also get the chance to hear ‘Ride On’, a gentle folk ballad originally sung by Christy Moore, remade in a style that you wouldn’t have thought possible.

OP’s opinion: Four

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