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Here are a handful of shots from crusty hardcore punks Born/Dead’s last ever gig on UK soil. It was a belter of a night and a great way for the band to go out. I’d almost forgotten that I had these but better late than never eh? I’m crap at editing and sharing pics (that’s providing I’ve remembered to take my camera along in the first place). I’ll try and do better from now on.

Venue: The White Hart, Whitehall, Bristol, UK
Date: Saturday 22nd August 2009
Band members: Will (guitar), Wyatt (bass), Mackey (drums)
Other notes: support bands were Jesus Bruiser, Warprayer and War Coma

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  • two outta three got icons of filth tattoos, i saw this band with their og drummer years ago and they crashed at my friends records store (spider records, rip). we talked about the new lp, they said they loved it but admit it is different, i was luke warm at first but after a couple of listens i really started to like and then love it also, weird how that happens. who woulda known what would happen not long afterward. icons of filth toured the states shortly after and my friend (the same who ran the record store) hopped in the van with inepsy after they played at her (spider records) record store and went with ’em from san antonio, tx to, i think, arizona, and along the way got to see icons of filth, lucky duck. oh yeah, the show where i first met born/dead was with an austin, tx band called sbitch who used the iof peace sign pic with a weirdo skeleton on it as their own logo for shirts and buttons.

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