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Dumange – Entre Ratas LP

Dumange Entre RatasDumange
Asturias, Spain

Sweet fucking Jeebus! This has to be one of the most enjoyably intense things that I’ve subjected my ears and brain to in a long time!

On their debut release, ‘Entre Ratas’ (Among Rats), Dumange dish out a single serving of exquisite dark metal crust that doesn’t let up from the opening scream of anguish to the last breath of rage.

It’s a 40-minute concept album of anger, hate, despair, resistance, and hope, built around an obsidian megalith of razor-edged musical complexity.

Imagine if you took the concept of the Subhumans ‘From The Cradle…’ LP then pressed it from human tears and suffering. Yeah, it’s like that.

Absolutely brilliant.

OP’s opinion Five anarchies

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