Dub War – Dub Warning Mini-LP

Artist: Dub War Title: Dub Warning Source: Vinyl 12″ mini-LP Format: FLAC Running time (h:m:s): 00:30:36 Size (mb): 64.5 Label: Words Of Warning (defunct) Year: 1994

1. Original Murder 2. Crack 3. Psycho System 4. Words of Warning 5. Crack D Dub 6. Dub War

Proving that the M4 isn’t the only good thing to […]

Noise Against Nazis

In a display of mutual solidarity with my friends in Bristol Antifa, I’ve set up a small (but perfectly formed) distro – Ye Olde Punke Shoppe. I hope to raise a few quid for them while spreading that groovy anti-fascist musical vibe – 100% of all money made from this little venture (after costs) is […]

The Dead Shall Walk The Earth

Sometime in the new year, The Amebix will be playing in my living room. Not the real live people that make up the band, obviously, but the DVD that the band are releasing in collaboration with Belfast Records. There’s still just about enough time left to pre-order one. This has the potential to be […]

Turn On, Tune In, Fuck Shit Up!

Broadcast Zero – Yesterday, You Could Change The World Rebel Time Records

So here’s part deux of my triple bill review of some rather marvellous Canadian punk rock. It’s a little delayed, owing to other stuff going on in the real world, but don’t let my slackness put you off of buying this disc as […]

Sounds Of Our Streets

Randy, part of the brains, money and muscle behind Insurgence and Rebel Time Records, has very generously sent me a bundle of CDs, gratis, for my aural pleasure. And I’m very grateful to be the beneficiary of such a nice gesture, for these are three mighty fine releases representing the very best of homegrown Canadian […]

Open House

If anyone’s interested, Punk Torrents is currently open for registration (although probably not for long). So hurry up and sign up if you want the chance to grab and share some fine rare punk and punk-related audio, video and literature. There’s also general info, discussions, intelligent debate and occasional stupidity to entertain you while you’re […]

Question Time

I’ve got the chance to ask some questions of the original drummer of Anarcrust. I’m more than happy to ask stuff on your behalf, so if there’s anything in particular that you want to know then let me know.

Scatha – Respect, Protect, Reconnect LP

Artist: Scatha Title: Respect, Protect, Reconnect Source: Vinyl 12″ LP Format: FLAC Running time (h:m:s): 00:30:36 Size (mb): 64.5 Label: Flat Earth Records (defunct) Year: 1996

1. From The Heart 2. Manannan Weeps 3. Uni-Verse 4. I Am One! 5. Cry! Wolf 6. Respect, Protect, Reconnect 7. Pagan Idolatry 8. Blinded By Sight 9. Prognostication […]

Remaking A Name For Themselves

Perfectly proportioned UK punkyska label and distro Household Name Records, run by the suave and debonair Lil and Kafren, have redesigned and relaunched their website. And it’s all very slick and cutting edge (unlike this clunky affair).

To celebrate their ability to remain young and trendy, they’re having a sale. And there are some proper […]

Hitting Babylon For Six

The Babylon Whackers – Happy Days With… Rebel Alliance Recordings

So there may not be much sign of summer going on outside the front door, but that doesn’t stop me from getting into a tropical vibe. Cold cider, smoking, and skanky skanky sounds are a powerful enough combination to defeat the reality of the […]