Dub War – Dub Warning Mini-LP

Artist: Dub War
Title: Dub Warning
Source: Vinyl 12″ mini-LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:30:36
Size (mb): 64.5
Label: Words Of Warning (defunct)
Year: 1994

1. Original Murder
2. Crack
3. Psycho System
4. Words of Warning
5. Crack D Dub
6. Dub War

Proving that the M4 isn’t the only good thing to come out of Wales, these Newport boys took all of the punk attitude and influences around them, then smashed them into a pulp with anything else they could lay their hands on. The result? This lovely slab of well-honed noise, intense, gentle, urgent and perfectly unpredictable. They continued to broaden their style as they developed, but I think this releases captures them at their most raw and honest best. And, for a Christian, Benji (vox) has one hell of a devilish voice.

OP’s opinion: Four half

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Noise Against Nazis

In a display of mutual solidarity with my friends in Bristol Antifa, I’ve set up a small (but perfectly formed) distro – Ye Olde Punke Shoppe. I hope to raise a few quid for them while spreading that groovy anti-fascist musical vibe – 100% of all money made from this little venture (after costs) is given to Bristol Antifa.

From old Oi! classics by the likes of The Angelic Upstarts and The Oppressed, to the latest punk sounds of The Fallout and Guerilla, as well as a few well-endowed compilations covering all manner of styles, you should be able to find something to tickle your ears. And, all being well, I’ll be adding to the list over the coming months.

So please take a look and, if you’ve got a bit of cash, pick yourself up a little treat while admiring the sweet irony involved in using the capitalist medium of exchange as a weapon against ’em.

The Dead Shall Walk The Earth

Sometime in the new year, The Amebix will be playing in my living room. Not the real live people that make up the band, obviously, but the DVD that the band are releasing in collaboration with Belfast Records. There’s still just about enough time left to pre-order one. This has the potential to be one hell of a film if this short trailer is anything to go by. The band will also be touring in the new year, the first time in over 20 years by my reckoning. They’re doing the States in January and (hopefully) a UK and European leg in the spring. I’m not usually one for trips down memory lane (I’ve got some pretty mental memories), but I’ll make an exception in this case. When they pass through town, you’ll find me down the front with my head in the bass bin and a gallon of rough on my lips. There may even be a bag of glue involved. Come and join me.

Turn On, Tune In, Fuck Shit Up!

Broadcast ZeroYesterday, You Could Change The World
Rebel Time Records

So here’s part deux of my triple bill review of some rather marvellous Canadian punk rock. It’s a little delayed, owing to other stuff going on in the real world, but don’t let my slackness put you off of buying this disc as soon as is humanly possible.

‘Yesterday, You Could Change The World’ is the debut release on Rebel Time Records, and it sets a mighty high benchmark for those that are to follow. Broadcast Zero are classic tofu-and-two-veg punk rock, the kind that creates an instant feeling of comfort and familiarity as it floods into every synapse you possess. Brick-solid riffs, razor-sharp bass, muscle-punching rhythms and vox that demand attention RIGHT FUCKIN’ NOW blend effortlessly together. It’s a solid no-nonsense balls-out streetpunk n’ roll beat. The sound is the perfect foil for the words, the socially-aware-but-don’t-forget-the-fun kind of punk intelligence that shows Rancid up for the playschool fakers they are. I’m not dissing the band by saying there’s a definite Rancid flavour (ha ha) to the sound – I love that old-school style but I fuckin’ hate the whole corporate bollocks that they’ve bought into, and to hear a band like BZ bring it back to the real punks puts a shit-eating grin on my face.

There’s not a duff track on this, every one is a classic. If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be ‘My Body’. I’ve never heard a song that addresses sexual abuse in such an upfront no-bullshit way. ‘Self-defence is no offence’ is more than just a slogan in BZ’s worldview.

I challenge any one of you to get through this CD without punching the air lots, contorting your face into a vein-popping diabolic shade of red, hollering along with the band in a brothers-and-sisters-in-arms kinda way and resolving to revolt at every opportunity that crosses your path.

OP’s opinion: Five

Download sample track – ‘Revolution’

PS: to Malisha and anyone else who’s gotten a bit worried by my absence – thanks for hanging in there.

Sounds Of Our Streets

Randy, part of the brains, money and muscle behind Insurgence and Rebel Time Records, has very generously sent me a bundle of CDs, gratis, for my aural pleasure. And I’m very grateful to be the beneficiary of such a nice gesture, for these are three mighty fine releases representing the very best of homegrown Canadian two-fingers-in-the-air political punk rock. Me like lots. And so will you. Don’t believe me? Read what I think, grab the sample tracks and then send your money off to Mr. Insurgence.

Let’s start the ball rolling then.

The Class War KidsA Strong People Need No Leader
110 Records / Turners Tavern

When I first heard TCWK I was mightily impressed. Anger, intelligence and humour in music is always to be welcomed. When it is done by such a young bunch of miscreants it’s also heart-warming and inspiring, especially to some of us older punks who can occasionally feel just a bit jaded about the world we’re in. Punching my eardrums and brain with records like this is all I need to break that train of thought and fire me right up again.

The Kids are obviously a talented bunch, wringing every last drop of potential out of their instruments to produce an infectious and uplifting noise that brings a big grin to your face. There’s melody, harmony, energy and lots of other ‘y’s aplenty (told you) to keep you hooked from start to end. On the basis of this release, there’s no doubt that this band would leave you in a contented sweaty mess at the end of a live show.

And they shine lyrically too. “You’ll never break me” (‘Break Me’) defines their starting point, both on the record and politically, a clear message of defiance. Other tunes take a similar line – ‘Song For The Broken Hearted’ reminds us that “They told us when we were younger, we could do anything, now I’m older and I took those words to heart / And I may never finish all the things I’ve started but that doesn’t seem good reason not to start”; ‘Strike Back’ celebrates the power of organising to take back what is rightfully ours, and reminds the enemy that” These are OUR streets, these are OUR lives / You can jail us, you can beat us / But you will NOT defeat us!”; the vulnerabilty of the capitalist system is exposed by the simple observation that “…at the center of it all / It seems like it’s about to fall / We are at the center of it all / I say we have to make it fall” (‘Centre Of It All’); and the almost haiku-length ‘We’re Gonna Be Alright’ really doesn’t need much more explanation beyond the title (which is probably why it’s such a short and perfect song).

That’s not to say they’re unrealistic about the reality of struggle. “All I see is apathy when what we need is some fucking solidarity” (‘Discontented And Apathetic’) makes a plea for the disillusioned to reconnect with their dreams and desires, recognising how easy it can be for any of us to shut ourselves away from the world when hope turns to hopelessness. “It’s a cold night out on the streets again / His pale face frostbitten by the wind / In a city where hearts beat but they don’t feel” (‘Sick To Death’), captures the misery of life under capitalism at its most stark, reminding us that we are all victims of the economic and moral poverty it forces upon us. And how ‘they’ maintain their power with their police state is revealed when “All of a sudden you realize these laws were put in place to help maintain their lies / But by then it’s too late…with law in place to aid them in our silence / We’ll be gassed and beaten, and left dead in the street” (‘No Shelter’). Though these sentiments may at first seem defeatist, The Kids have cleverly and honestly exposed the reality of the status quo, reminding us that we really do have nothing to lose and a world to gain.

The divisive tactics of the ruling elite are tackled head-on in ‘The Racist Policies Of The New World Order’ (“Their sick diversion of patriotism shadowed us in doubt / We only wanted justice, freedom, equality for all”), and ‘Resisting Occupation’ (“South Africa’s model for Apartheid / From Canada’s system it was derived / Native folk couldn’t legally vote until 1960”). Though the sentiments are strongly expressed, these are probably the two weakest songs lyrically on the record. Still not bad though.

Ten angry and inspirational songs weighing in just under the half an hour mark for an economic meltdown-friendly price of $5 moose money (plus a bit more for postage for those outside the Canuckian borders) makes this a no-brainer, so get in touch with Randy Rebel Time and grab one before it’s too late and the shelves are bare. Alternatively, for those in the UK and close by, you may want to hold on for a wee while as Bristol Antifa will be soon be stocking Rebel Time (and, fingers crossed, Insurgence) releases.

OP’s opinion: Four half

That’s the end of part 1. Tune in for part 2 (Broadcast Zero) sometime soonish.

Open House

If anyone’s interested, Punk Torrents is currently open for registration (although probably not for long). So hurry up and sign up if you want the chance to grab and share some fine rare punk and punk-related audio, video and literature. There’s also general info, discussions, intelligent debate and occasional stupidity to entertain you while you’re waiting for your downloads to finish (except in the ‘Ninjas In Pink Leather Pants’ forum, which is pretty much wall-to-wall stupidity).

If anyone needs advice and guidance on how to use torrent software, there’s a very handy help section and wiki that should get you up and running. Alternatively, ask me and I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

Scatha – Respect, Protect, Reconnect LP

Artist: Scatha
Title: Respect, Protect, Reconnect
Source: Vinyl 12″ LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:30:36
Size (mb): 64.5
Label: Flat Earth Records (defunct)
Year: 1996

1. From The Heart
2. Manannan Weeps
3. Uni-Verse
4. I Am One!
5. Cry! Wolf
6. Respect, Protect, Reconnect
7. Pagan Idolatry
8. Blinded By Sight
9. Prognostication
10. Why Fur?

Following up on my promise to subject you all to some more Jockish hardcore, here it is. Better late than never n’ all that.

Scatha were made up from parts of Sedition and Disaffect, but managed to sound all like themselves. And themselves sound like a nailbomb detonating in your cranium, a full-on metal-sharded compression blast ripping you apart. It may be intense brain-bruising music, but it hides some surprisingly complex and delicate concepts. Like Sedition, the lyrics align themselves with the neo-pagan ideology that the band favoured and, like Sedition, they manage to lay bare the unnecessary cruelty of modern life. But they also carry some hope for us all, regardless of whether we go for the whole tribal ethic that they’re espousing or not. It’s designed to make us think about what future we want, and to act to make it happen.

It always struck me as slightly weird that a ‘deep’ green band would make and produce music that relies on very modern technologies, but I’m glad they didn’t let their ideologies get in the way of putting out this fossil-fuelled weapon of mass deconstruction.

OP’s opinion: Four half

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Remaking A Name For Themselves

Perfectly proportioned UK punkyska label and distro Household Name Records, run by the suave and debonair Lil and Kafren, have redesigned and relaunched their website. And it’s all very slick and cutting edge (unlike this clunky affair).

To celebrate their ability to remain young and trendy, they’re having a sale. And there are some proper bargains to be had, with reductions ranging from around 20-50% on virtually everything they flog!

In these times of credit crunch and economic downturn, what better way to cheer yourself up than by spending a few of your hard-earned wageslave tokens on some keenly priced noise from a proper DIY outfit?

Hitting Babylon For Six

The Babylon Whackers 'Happy Days With...' cover The Babylon WhackersHappy Days With…
Rebel Alliance Recordings

So there may not be much sign of summer going on outside the front door, but that doesn’t stop me from getting into a tropical vibe. Cold cider, smoking, and skanky skanky sounds are a powerful enough combination to defeat the reality of the weather and transport me to more pleasant mental climes. Throw in the cricket and I’m one happy bunny.

I’ve got a fine collection of noise that suits this situation perfectly, but it doesn’t hurt to throw some freshness into the mix once in a while. So when I saw that one of my fave bands (SB6) had started their own label, I knew that good things were on the horizon. Kicking it off by releasing their own latest album was a great start, but the promise of releasing stuff by other bands that they like meant that I’ve been keeping a beady eye on what they’re up to.

So when this:

In summer 2007, UK underground punk favourites THE FILAMENTS reformed to record an album expressing their love of 2-tone era ska and heavy dub reggae. Joined by dancehall sensation MAJAH TUNDER and one-luv gangsta folk pioneer BABAR LUCK, the result was an exciting clash of sounds filling the gap between the Specials and Rancid, Symarip and The Clash. That sound is the BABYLON WHACKERS. With its positive message of love, hope and unification, debut album ‘Happy Days With….’ maintains an energetic old-school sound that has had people talking all across Europe. Effortlessly blending, ska, soul, funk, reggae, dub and more – and featuring guest appearances from members of THE KING BLUES and SUICIDE BID – these heavy heavy sounds have been set for release in mid-2008.

appeared on the website with an invitation to pre-order, I didn’t hesitate. With a pedigree like that, only a fool would. And I may be daft, but I’m no fool.

Yesterday, the package arrived. And it’s exceeded even my high expectations. The classic 2-tone sound is loud and clear, and generally sits on the chirpier end of the scale (think Selecter rather than Specials). It’s infused with a punky personality that keeps it all bouncing along, lyrically and musically. The unmistakable dubby tendencies are also well represented, and the music clearly knows and shows its original ska and rocksteady roots. There’s also a freshness to the whole thing that brings it right up to date without losing these connections to the past. Perhaps most importantly, it never forgets to have fun along the way.

Basically, this record is for anyone who likes fuckin’ great music. And if you’re here, that means you.

OP’s opinion: Four half

Download sample track – ‘Rudeboy’

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