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Collectivise The Interwebs!

OPND is recruiting now!

I could do with more old punks (or even some younger ones with a bit of suss) joining up with the OPND Soviet – it seems a shame that my postings here are so intermittent when there’s all this space available.

You don’t have to rip anything (although I’m certainly not going to object, as long as you follow my own guidelines) – reviews, articles, opinion pieces, recipes, artwork etc. that fit in with the general ethos of OPND are very welcome indeed. How often you […]

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Full Tossers

It’s been a busy weekend. Friday and Saturday saw me catching up with mates from near and far, nothing too hectic but still requiring me to be a bit of a social butterfly.

Then came Sunday night, spent in the company of Geoffrey Oi!Cott, Valdez, Spiteful Way (their last ever gig, boo!) and some other scallywags at my local, which finished at late o’clock. All bands put on a damned fine show, especially the Oi!Cotts – funny as fuck and very tongue-in-cheek. If you like good old-fashioned working-class alehouse humour, […]

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100 Not Out

So I’ve made it to my century post. Hurrah! Thanks for hanging around, and I hope you’ve not been too disappointed. I’ve actually quite enjoyed myself, despite periodically not actually doing anything very much at all here.

Anyway, it’s got me thinking afresh about this here blogging lark, and my occasional inabilty (hah!) to get my lazy arse into gear to actually, you know, write something.

So I’ve come up with a cunning plan.

On the first Monday of every month (or thereabouts, if something else really exciting actually happens […]

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Help The Aged Punx!

Profane Existence are drastically scaling back operations, and are having a major distro blow-out to clear the space Dan needs for his family. Not everything’s been discounted (yet), but the price reductions so far have been huge – up to 90% in some cases and at least 50% for most of the others. Dan’s refocusing his available time, energy and money on the mag right now (and a good thing too IMHO), although he hasn’t ruled out the occasional future release if the situation’s right for it.

So support a […]

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That’s Another One Done & Dusted

2008 saw some great records arrive at Chez Old Punk. In fact, there wasn’t a bad one among ’em. Label and distro people, you deserve maximum respect for keeping the faith. Band people, the punk flame remains in very safe hands. Onwards, upwards, forwards!

Some very lovely punks ripped and shared some stunning noise from days of yore. You’ve made a grown punk cry (in a good manly way) on more than one occasion. I’ve tried to remember to say thanks whenever I’ve grabbed one of the jewels on offer, […]

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Noise Against Nazis

In a display of mutual solidarity with my friends in Bristol Antifa, I’ve set up a small (but perfectly formed) distro – Ye Olde Punke Shoppe. I hope to raise a few quid for them while spreading that groovy anti-fascist musical vibe – 100% of all money made from this little venture (after costs) is given to Bristol Antifa.

From old Oi! classics by the likes of The Angelic Upstarts and The Oppressed, to the latest punk sounds of The Fallout and Guerilla, as well as a few well-endowed compilations […]

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The Dead Shall Walk The Earth

Sometime in the new year, The Amebix will be playing in my living room. Not the real live people that make up the band, obviously, but the DVD that the band are releasing in collaboration with Belfast Records. There’s still just about enough time left to pre-order one. This has the potential to be one hell of a film if this short trailer is anything to go by. The band will also be touring in the new year, the first time in over 20 years by my reckoning. They’re […]

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Question Time

I’ve got the chance to ask some questions of the original drummer of Anarcrust. I’m more than happy to ask stuff on your behalf, so if there’s anything in particular that you want to know then let me know.

Hardcore Heaven

I’ve just added a new link in the sidebar, but I reckon the site’s worthy of a plug to get your attention.

So, for those who haven’t yet stumbled upon this treasure trove of punk delight, head on over to Kill From The Heart and immerse yourself in probably the most comprehensive repository of global 80’s hardcore knowledge.

Or, as the youth say, ‘ave a read, innit.


Well, not exactly. But I’m not dead, just in case anyone was wondering.

I’ve been pretty busy IRL, and haven’t had an ounce of spare time for what seems like aeons but is actually only a few weeks. Much of that time has included knocking up a website for some good friends of mine. And trust me, I’m no coder. Everything I know about XHTML, CSS, PHP and any other random combination of letters you may care to mention, has been learnt by endless hours of trial, error, searching and […]

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